The Prowler

Joseph Losey’s 1951 noir masterpiece, is coming to DVD in early 2011. Source of the digital transfer is from the 2008 restoration performed by the UCLA Film and Television Archive, funded by the Film Noir Foundation and Stanford Theatre Foundation.

The disc, released by VCI Entertainment, contains many extras, including a 26-minute “Making of…” documentary featuring James Ellroy, novelist Denise Hamilton, Christopher Trumbo (son of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo), as well as FNF stalwarts Alan K. Rode and Eddie Muller (who also provides an audio commentary).  A short documentary examining the FNF’s preservation partnership with UCLA is included, in addition to a video critique of the film by renowned director Bertrand Tavernier.

Release of the DVD is scheduled to coincide with NOIR CITY 9, to be held January 21–30 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, with national distribution immediately following.

• Documentary featurette “The Cost of Living: Creating The Prowler,” with James Ellroy, Christopher Trumbo, Denise Hamilton, Alan K. Rode

• “Masterpiece in the Margins”: Bertrand Tavernier on The Prowler

• “On the Prowl: Restoring The Prowler:” The Film Noir Foundation and UCLA Film & Television Archive partnership

• Audio Commentary by film noir expert Eddie Muller

• Original Theatrical Trailer