Sometimes, the toughest battle is fought alone.

Set in March, 1945 during the battle known as “The last great killing ground in the west”, RHINELAND tells the story of a young replacement thrown into an under-strength mine platoon. A burned-out lieutenant and a bitter sergeant are his only guides as he struggles to come to terms with the brutality of war during the final bloody months of World War II.

Filmed in Missouri, Chris Grega’s direction is solid in telling the story of a hard lucked mine platoon in WWII Germany. with strong performances by the three main characters, Derek Simmons, R. Travis Estes and Paul Wendell.

Directed by Chris Grega (Game of the Year & Amphetamine)

Starring –  Derek Simmons, R. Travis Estes, Paul Wendell, Christopher T. Macke, Brock Roberts, Robert Nolan Clark, James Gianoulakis

93 minutes, Color, 1.85:1 / 16×9, Not Rated, 2011

Bonus Features: Director & Actor Commentaries – Director Chris Grega, Actors Derek Simmons, Paul Wendell & R. Travis Estes, The Making Of Rhineland, Deleted Scenes, Photo Gallery, Trailer, and Bonus Short Film: “Capdance”

About the Director Chris Grega

Grega was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and came to filmmaking more by chance than design. It was the 1999 death of his good friend, filmmaker Tom Biondo, that was the catalyst Grega needed to set him on this path. Entirely self-taught, he has nonetheless amassed an impressive body of work in the past ten years.

Grega’s 88mm Productions has been cranking out independent films in St. Louis, Missouri since 1999. Close collaboration with other artists, ranging from local musicians and filmmakers to the black-box theatre troupe, THE TIN CEILING, has led to many award-winning projects, from 48 hour competition films to features.