British Comedy Invasion


TOO MANY CROOKS: Take a shady city tycoon loaded with tax dodging bank notes, a gang who has  the reputation for being the most dim-witted crooks London has ever seen and what do you get?  Too many crooks!  Wealthy and shady businessman Billy Gordon (Terry Thomas) doesn’t trust banks and hoards his money in the most unlikely places.  When accident prone Fingers (George Cole) and his gang of misfits decides to kidnap Billy’s daughter for the ransom and nab the wife by mistake, the plot thickens when the wife refuses her freedom after discovering Billy’s plans to leave with his cash and a young blonde.

MAKE MINE MINK: Dame Beatrice Appleby owns a boarding house which is occupied by a retired army major, a china repair artist, and a teacher.  Dame Bea has become discouraged with her charity work.  The other tenants are board with their routine lives and looking for something more meaningful to pursue.  When a fur coat accidentally winds up in their possession and they covertly return it, a unique and exciting opportunity presents itself.

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AN ALLIGATOR NAMED DAISY: For songwriter Peter Weston (Donald Sinden), life is perfect. He is set to marry Vanessa Colebrook (Diana Dors), mink upholstered daughter of wealthy Sir James Colebrook(James Robertson Justice). With her of course, goes her share of her father’s millions, and Vanessa has priceless charms of her own to add to the bargain. Then Daisy, an affectionate alligator, waddles into Peter’s life.   An unwanted gift, Peter is determined to rid himself of Daisy.  His efforts are shunned by the zoo, pet shops and the police.


VALUE FOR MONEY: Outrageous comedy about a son’s inheritance of a small fortune and how the lessons of being frugal from his “late”, penny pinching father affect his love life and the small town he lives in.

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