“Silent Discoveries – Double Feature”

VCI’s upcoming SILENT DISCOVERIES is comprised of two feature films, “After Six Days” and “Yesterday and Today”:

AFTER SIX DAYS” was first released in the USA in 1922 as 11-reels.  It was later reissued in a 7-reel version with added sound (music, effects, narration).  Both versions were released by Weiss Bros.-Artclass Pictures.  The original source material was the 52 (not a typo!)- reel Italian spectacle known as La bibbia”/“La sacra bibbia.”  The VCI release is of the 7 reel version as only miscellaneous footage survives from the 1922 version.

The Weiss Bros. were prolific and penurious (some would say “cheap”) producer/distributors who were active from the early 1920s through the middle 30s. The excerpt below is from the New York Times (5/14/1924) and was referencing a lawsuit brought by Famous Players-Lasky who sought to restrain Artclass from mentioning “Moses and the Ten Commandments” in its advertising, so as not to confuse audiences with FP-L “The Ten Commandments.”

“It is set forth that the Weiss brothers in 1922 bought a picture of fifty-three reels, produced in Italy, bearing the title, ‘The Holy Bible in Motion Pictures.’  This, through an agreement with the National Non-Theatrical Pictures, Inc., was shown serially in schools, one reel each week. Eventually, it is alleged, the Weiss brothers cut down their production to dramatic length, renaming it ‘After Six Days, Featuring Moses and the Ten Commandments’  The National Vigilance Committee, it is alleged, has issued a warning to the Artclass Picture Corporation regarding the advertising of their production, alleging that the second part of the title confuses the public. It is further stated by the defendants that reference to ‘The Ten Commandments‘ was not made until after the presentation of the Famous Players Picture.”

FP-L prevailed!

This DVD will available for purchase on Tuesday 03 May, 2011

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