Sgt. Gunn…speaks.

Online purchasing of your favorite movies is the best way to ensure that you have choices.

Best Buy doesn’t have it! Wal-Mart doesn’t have it! I’ve looked everywhere, but they just don’t have it! I want the movie. I’m willing and able to take myself to a retailer’s shelf, pick it up and make the purchase. Simple… right?? No! They don’t carry it. It’s by special order only. Or the response is, “What movie were you talking about”?

It’s not our call, the independent DVD producers of the world, to decide what the retail community carries. Don’t get me wrong. We try. We spend time creating the materials to present to them. We provide the detailed information supporting our reasons for releasing the different genre films and, a lot of us take great care to produce nicely done and bonus laden programs that (according to forums, customer emails and fans on all of the social networks) are movies that the consumer has the desire to obtain.

Bottom line is: there is just not enough Retailers and not enough shelf space to hold those 10’s of thousands of DVDs. I’ll bet you have noticed in the past year or so that the retailers have even started changing their DVD departments; cutting back… waaay back! With less selection on the shelves of your favorite stores, it’s not getting any easier to find what you want.

In a nutshell, you, the consumer must go to the virtual retailer to find those special films, classics, or just plain personal favorites. You have to follow the blogs and forums to get the information needed just to see what new DVDs are coming out. There are some reputable sites to visit that will always have what you’re looking for: Visit and sign up for their email services. List your favorite titles and they will email you when the products are available. These online stores are remarkably good. The consumer has someone out there that maintains their history, their likes and dislikes, and keeps track of everything that’s coming out. The Retailers don’t provide the same service. Try it. It’s free and very non-intrusive. I’ll bet that you save money to boot!

Movies is another well established online consumer dream-come-true organizations. Critic’s Choice is another top notch online and catalog company that is a specialized provider of hard-to-find movies. VCI would love to invite you to come to our site and add us to your search for the best in entertainment.

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