We’re off to see the Wizard!

If you have wandered upon this blog, then it is reasonable to say that you may have a moderate interest in movies.  I have a pretty fair interest in movies myself. You see I was born a poor film buff, a shiny reel of film in hand with my cradle gently rocking in a darkened screening room nursery, bathed only in the flickering light of the silver screen perched above my head.  Well, maybe not that dramatic, but I was fortunate enough to be the first-born son of Bill F. Blair, a true movie fan and one of the true pioneers of the home video industry. (I promise to reminisce about my Dad often in future blogs, so be forewarned.) I did grow up with lots of film reels in hand, and you can imagine the passion for movies was instilled in my heart very early on; and I must confess I have been in the “movie” business, in one way or another, all of my adult life.

With that said, I don’t claim to be an expert on motion pictures, or even a highly knowledgeable film historian. What I will admit to (and you must promise not to tell anyone else) is that I am the luckiest film fan alive; in particular because I have the greatest job in the whole world. I get to watch, discover, acquire, restore, edit, archive, produce, distribute, catalog, and market movies for a living! How cool is that!?!

So in this blog, my plan will be to share some of my great wealth with you (and I certainly don’t mean $money$ here); no I am referring to the wealth I have accumulated, over the years, of a variety of movie knowledge, memories and stories about “the family business,” and my encounters with the famous, not so famous and even infamous citizens of Hollywood, the home entertainment business and beyond.

I warn you up front I’m no blogger. So this journal/journey may be bumpy and may occasionally even take the wrong fork in the road. I have done that a few times before. I promise I’ll do my best to always have something entertaining for you to read.

So, we’re off to see the Wizard!

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One Response to We’re off to see the Wizard!

  1. Kerby Pugh says:

    Mr. Blair,
    I am enjoying your website, and this blog. I too am the oldest son in my family. My Dad passed away last year; but during his lifetime, he had instilled a love of what we would now call, “classic films”, or the “Golden Age of Hollywood”, etc. I am a died in the wool buff. Possibly I don’t know as much as you or your late father, but it would be fun to meet you someday. Since you are based in the Tulsa, Ok area, then I will let you know that I too live in the Tulsa area. Well, take care, and maybe we can meet someday soon. I have some particular ideas I might want to discuss with you.

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